Rock Paper Scissors, Israel

Based in Haifa, Israel, Rock Paper Scissors (حجر ورقة مقص ) is a graphic design and print studio run by Sana Jammalieh and Haitham Charles Haddad. Created out of the desire to see those around them wearing local creations rather than larger impersonal brands, most of the designs made by the duo contain Arabic words.

One particular design is currently making headlines – a simple tote with pink Arabic lettering that reads:

“The only goal of this text is to spread panic among those who fear the Arabic language.”

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 16.12.35.png

Whilst some of their designs are political, addressing both sexual and gender-based oppression, Sana and Haitham say that politics is not the primary reason or focus behind their designs but rather, “because it is our language and part of who we are, and we think it should be part of our urban landscape.” Adding that, “today, where we live, anyone wearing a t-shirt with Arabic words on it is making a political statement.”

If their latest Instagram comments are anything to go, everyone wants to make a political statement – whether consciously or fashionably is up for debate – but right now, this tote is the way to do it.

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